Steinway B 1877 Rosewood

Steinway B 1877 Rosewood 35584Steinway B 1877 Rosewood
Serial #35584
Year: 1877
Model: B
Size: 6’8″
Style: Rococo
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Rosewood
Condition: Original
Retail Value: US$ 85,000
Wholesale Price: US$ 13,500

This piano is a “Monitor Grand”, the first Steinway & Sons grand model to have a full plate. It is an ancestor of the model “B”. It is exactly what Steinway & Sons called it and what their books indicate it to be, a “Monitor Grand”, 6’8″ in length. A lovely example in what is in pristine virgin shape! This piano after proper restoration is worth not less than US$85,000 and should be on the top of any collector’s list! We are taking offers starting at only US$13,500. If you decide to purchase this very rare Steinway, we will suggest to you a rebuilder if you need one, and we can help you get the best restoration available for you.

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