Steinway Hamburg B (211) 1907 Ebony

Steinway Hamburg B (211) 1907 Ebony
Serial #127917
Year: 1907
Model: B
Size: 6′ 10 1/2″ (211cm)
Style: Traditional
Finish: Satin Luster
Color/Wood: Ebony
Condition: Completely rebuilt, newer soundboard
New from Steinway: Over US$ 100,000
Retail Value: US$ 65,000
Wholesale Selling Price: US$ 39,900

This very rare, impeccably clean and beautiful Steinway Model B built in Hamburg, Germany and restored with all new Hamburg Steinway parts is being sold at less than one-half the cost of a new Steinway of the same model! It has been restored by New York’s top Steinway restoration experts. The piano has all new Hamburg Steinway action parts: hammers, shanks, flanges, and whippens. The soundboard and pinblock were replaced at the New York Steinway & Sons Factory in 1957.  This piano has a broad dynamic range–ranging from the softest to the most dramatic sounds, and produces the most colorful tones equal to any of the very best of Steinway Model B pianos.  The action has been completely rebuilt using Hamburg Steinway parts only, so the touch is responsive and sensitive to the most discriminating player. This is without a doubt the best piano we have ever offered on our website for a Steinway Model B piano. Not only this, our price includes delivery to the home (USA and Canada) or to the port (internationally), a five-year structural warranty, bench and one in-home tuning. We have a complete technicians report upon request by a registered Piano Technician Guild member with over thirty years experience specializing in Steinway Pianos. Please click on the contact us below to find out more information about this beautiful Steinway Model B.

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