Steinway C 1902 Mahogany

Steinway C 1902 Mahogany
Serial #105112
Year: 1902
Model: C
Size: 7′ 5″
Style: Victorian
Finish: Semi-Satin
Color/Wood: Mahogany
Condition: Completely Rebuilt
New Cost From Steinway: over US $100,000
Retail Value: US $97,000
Wholesale Price: US $74,500

Almost everything is new in this piano: it has new keys with German Kluge key tops, a new damper back action, a new sound board, a new pin block, a completely new refinis in hand-rubbed semi-satin lacquer, new strings and pins, new Renner wippens, new hammers, shanks and flanges. This piano is like a new piano in every way!

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