Steinway O 1907 Ebony

Steinway O 1907 Ebony
Serial #128207
Year: 1907
Model: O
Size: 5′ 10-3/4″
Style: Victorian
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
Condition: Original Condition
New Cost from Steinway: Over US $70,000
Retail Selling Price as is: US $18,000
Wholesale Price: $9,800

Final Closeout:  $8900

The Steinway “O” from its conception in 1900 did not have a duplex scale until 1907 and Steinway also changed the cabinet style of this piano from a round arm with the double beaded molding to a square arm more traditional looking piano in late 1908 which means this piano we are selling is very rare in that it falls right in between these changes! It has the beauty of the more Victorian round arm along with the infamous Steinway duplex scale. This piano is not an easy piano to find! Furthermore, this Steinway is an all original, one family owed piano. The soundboard can be used as it only has very minor hairlines. The ivory is in quite nice condition, and the case is exceptionally clean! You can use this Steinway as is or we can rebuild it for you to perfection at a wholesale cost and have it delivered to your door for $29,900. including an adjustable artist bench!

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