Steinway O 1909 Ebony

Steinway O 1909 Ebony
Serial #139563
Year: 1909
Model: O
Size: 5′ 10-3/4″
Style: Traditional
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
Condition: Completely Restored
New Cost From Steinway: Over US $56,000
Retail Value: US $48,000
Wholesale Price: US $32,900

Reduced: $29,950 to your home!

This is by far one of the finest musicians’ Steinway 5′ 10″ grand piano you will find.  Its warm yet powerful tone emanates and fills up a medium to large room.  This is truly a very special piano.  It has been restored by top a Steinway-trained master craftsman.  It has a new soundboard, new Steinway pinblock and a new New York Steinway action.  One must look hard to find a more brilliant and sound investment than this piano, which, of course, comes with our full warranty, delivery to your home (USA and Canada only) or port (international customers), one in-home tuning with minor action adjustments.  It also includes a new adjustable concert artist bench!

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