Steinway O 1906 Ebony

Steinway O 1906 Ebony 123452Steinway O 1906 Ebony
Serial #123452
Year: 1906
Model: O
Size: 5′ 10-3/4″
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
Condition: Completely Rebuilt
Retail Price by Steinway New: over US $68,000
Retail Selling Price: US $42,000
Wholesale Selling Price: US$ 32,900

Final Closeout US $28,900

This Model O Steinway has been completely rebuilt with a new Bolduc pin block, soundboard and bridges. It has all new Renner action parts and hammers, and a completely new damper action. It has been completely restrung with new agraffes. This piano has a large dynamic range and an touch that responds well to the nuances of its performer. This piano comes with a five-year full warranty and includes bench and delivery to your home (USA and Canada) or your port (international customers).

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