Steinway D 1926 Ebony

Steinway D 1926 Ebony 240728Steinway D 1926 Ebony
Serial #240728
Year: 1926
Model: D
Size: 8′ 11-3/4″
Style: Traditional
Finish: Satin Luster
Color/Wood: Ebony
Condition: Completely Rebuilt
Retail Value: US$ 96,000
Wholesale Selling Price: US$ 85,900

This piano has been completely rebuilt by the number one restoration facility in the New York City Area. It has a complete new German Renner action, new agraffes, new GC (Canadian) bass strings (German wound), a new Steinway pin-block, a new Boldoc sound board with silver bridge pins (from Germany) and a completely new damper action.

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