Steinway L 1942 Walnut Chippendale

Steinway L 1942 Walnut Chippendale
Serial #312819
Year: 1942
Model: L
Size: 5′ 10-1/2″
Style: Chippendale
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Walnut
Condition: Restored
Retail Price by Steinway New: over US $90,000
Retail Selling Price: US $57,000
Wholesale Selling Price: US$ 39,500

Final Closeout US $35,900

This piano sells new for over $90,000.00  We are selling it for almost 1/3 of the new cost from Steinway & Sons.  We include delivery to your door (USA and Canada) and can offer a special price to your port (worldwide customers).

This rare Model L Steinway Chippendale piano was professionally rebuilt and refinished with its original sound board by one of the great Steinway-trained Master Craftsman. The newer action has all Steinway parts. This piano has been beautifully refinished as well. The full rich rich bass and the beautiful bell-like tone makes this piano an incredible work of art both for the artist and connoisseur of music and fine instruments alike.

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