Steinway A-2 1899 Louis XVI “Inlaid Wood” Maple “Stained and Renaissance” One-of-a-kind Designed by A.E. Blackmore

Steinway A-2 1899 “Inlaid Wood” Maple
Serial #94500
Year: 1899
Model: A-2
Size: 6′ 1″
Style: Louis XVI
Finish: Satin Luster
Color/Wood:”Inlaid Wood” Maple “Stained and Renaissance”
Condition: Rebuilt
Appraised at: US$ 552,000
Retail Value After Restoration: US$ 426,000
Wholesale Selling Price After Restoration: US$ 299,500
Wholesale Selling Price As is: US$ 249,500

A. E. Blackmore Designs are the most rare and valuable one-of-a-kind art case pianos ever commissioned by Steinway.

Featured in “The Steinway Book” by Ronald V. Ratcliffe, you will not find this extremely rare Steinway art case for sale anywhere but here at

Our records, fully documented from the Steinway Factory Archives, confirm that on November 1899, A.E. Blackmore was commissioned to personally design this exquisite Louis XVI art case with inlaid wood to elaborate the maple cabinet “stained and renaissance” along with ornamental gold armorlux.

In 1999, approximately 100 years after its manufacturing date, this Steinway was mechanically restored to its original perfection by one of New York City’s premier restoration craftsmen. To preserve its beautiful original condition, the case was professionally cleaned, but the art work was left untouched of any repairs. The original ivory keys are in impeccable condition. It has the most magnificent tone for a parlor size Steinway Grand piano.

We are now fortunate to have been asked by its owner to market this most rare part of Steinway Art History to you. Please note that the pictures include the desired restoration rendered by an artist.

Because of the history and rarity of this piano, we believe this Steinway will sell fairly quickly. Please click on the contact us below to find out more information about this Steinway.

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