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With over 70 years combined experience, our team has provided used Steinway pianos at wholesale prices to famous and well-respected restoration experts throughout the world.  Hundreds of retail piano stores including Steinway Dealers have purchased our pianos. Our list of colleges and universities are among the most prestigious in the nation. We have a long standing history with houses of worship supplying them with the finest of Steinway grand pianos. To our knowledge, we buy and sell more pre-owned Steinway pianos than any other local dealer in the world. Call us today and learn more about how you can secure the Steinway of your dreams at wholesale prices.

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Have your Steinway Grand Piano rebuilt or restored by our Steinway trained world-class rebuilders and technicians who can customize your Steinway to your individual needs.  We can use 100% genuine American or German Steinway action parts. We can rebuild your Steinway Grand Piano for almost half the cost of any other Steinway restoration facility and your results are guaranteed.  Our rebuilders and technicians are rated the best in the world!

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Mr. Carey Simon

As a former concert pianist and graduate with a Bachelor and Masters of Music in Piano Performance from the  Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York, Mr. Simon completely understands the beauty and subtleties of an excellent Steinway Piano.  He also has had over 15 years of import / export as well as vast internet experience to assist both the domestic and international clientele in bringing affordable pianos to rebuilders, retailers, institutions, as well as musicians, connoisseurs and collectors of fine instruments. 

Call us for a list of the most well-respected and well-known pre-owned Steinway piano retail and restoration facilities that have purchased from us directly or through one of its associates.

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