There has been much discussion about whether or not one’s piano has been restored with Steinway parts.  The truth is that between Steinway & Sons in Germany and Steinway & Sons in America, not the same parts are used.  So when one looks at this issue, it must be asked:  Is this a matter of taste between the two factories?  Is this a stylistic difference?  Or do the two Steinway factories have a different idea of what is better?  After all, according to Steinway & Sons in America, if it doesn’t have 12,116 genuine Steinway parts in it, it isn’t a Steinway.  But if the parts aren’t the same between the two Steinway factories, then what is the best way to rebuild a piano originally built by one of the Steinway factories?

The answer is simple:  neither rebuild is correct nor incorrect because one does NOT have to use only “genuine” Steinway parts to make a Steinway a great piano—they must use the parts that are most suitable to the piano, to their audience, as well as to the taste, feel and desires of individual artists that will be using the piano.   So choose 100% American Steinway parts in your rebuild if you choose, but my suggestion is that you find out the differences between the many available parts, and then choose the BEST rebuild for your piano, your audience and your individual needs and tastes.   My next articles will be on some of these differences, beginning with the hammers, and then moving to other parts (strings, soundboard, bridges, etc.), or feel free to learn more now by contacting us at, where we will discuss every and any part openly with you for the rebuild of your Steinway piano.

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