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Steinway & Sons began creating beautifully handcrafted Rococo styled pianos in the 1850s. Most of these rare pianos had exotic rosewood and burled walnut cases.
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Steinway Style III “C” Semi-Concert Grand

Steinway Style III “C” Semi-Concert Grand
Serial #33450
Year: 1876
Model: Style III
Size: 7′ 2″
Style: Rococo
Finish: Satin Luster
Color/Wood: Brazilian Rosewood
Condition: Completely Restored as listed below
Retail Value: US$ 125,000
Wholesale Price: US$ 58,000

This Steinway Style III 7′ 2″ has very hard to find Brazilian Rosewood. The Rococo style semi-concert grand is the rarest of all Steinway art cases ever manufactured. This piano has just been completely restored by the same restoration facility that services the pianos in the Lincoln Center in New York City. The materials used in this restoration are as follows: a new soundboard, all new German Steinway action parts, new key and rail bushings throughout the piano, and a restored damper action and with all new Steinway damper felts, and spectacular new satin luster finish. This piano has a magnificent brilliant lush tone from in every register. The appraised value of this piano is over $100,000, but is being offered for sale for only $58,000! This piano is located in the greater New York City area for your inspection. Don’t pass up this rarest of opportunities!


Steinway B 1877 Rosewood

Steinway B 1877 Rosewood 35584Steinway B 1877 Rosewood
Serial #35584
Year: 1877
Model: B
Size: 6’8″
Style: Rococo
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Rosewood
Condition: Original
Retail Value: US$ 85,000
Wholesale Price: US$ 13,500

This piano is a “Monitor Grand”, the first Steinway & Sons grand model to have a full plate. It is an ancestor of the model “B”. It is exactly what Steinway & Sons called it and what their books indicate it to be, a “Monitor Grand”, 6’8″ in length. A lovely example in what is in pristine virgin shape! This piano after proper restoration is worth not less than US$85,000 and should be on the top of any collector’s list! We are taking offers starting at only US$13,500. If you decide to purchase this very rare Steinway, we will suggest to you a rebuilder if you need one, and we can help you get the best restoration available for you.

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